Price does not include parts or material unless described in the details
All parts purchased through Backcountry Archery include free installation
All bow purchases include initial setup and an additional free tuning within 6 months 
Basic Bow Setup $25.00 Includes setting draw weight, draw length, installation of peep,
D-loop, sight and capture style rest
    Basic Bow Setup Plus $30.00

    Includes basic setup plus:

    2nd/3rd adjustable sight or drop-away rest

    Complete Bow Setup $40.00

    Includes intermediate setup plus:

    sight with 2nd/3rd axis adjustability and drop-away rest

      Basic Bow Tuning $40.00 

      Check & set draw weight, draw length, centershot, nock height, draw stops, string stop, check & level sight, paper tune, wax strings and cables.


      Advanced Bow Tuning $50.00

      Includes Basic tuning plus:

      Cam timing, drop-away rest timing

      Paper Tune $15.00 Customer paper tune ($5.00)
      Bare Shaft Tuning $10/15 min This requires the customer to provide two arrows, one arrow must be fletched and one must be bare shaft
      Complete Bow Setup & Tune $80
      Includes Complete Bow Setup and 30 minutes of Advanced Tuning
      Install & Tie In Drop-Away Rest $15

      Includes setting center shot and nock height


      Install & Set Fixed Rest $10 Includes setting center shot and nock height
      Install Fixed Pin Sight $7

      - (Add $5.00 for leveling 3rd Axis

      - (Add $10.00 for leveling 3rd Axis)

      Install and Serve Peep $10.00 - Price does not include peep
      Install D-Loop $7 - D-loop material included
      Draw Weight Adjustment $3.00
      Draw Length Adjustment $5.00
      Install Quiver $5.00
      Wax String $2.00 Includes wax


      PRICE (per arrow)


      Arrows purchased from Backcountry Archery will be fletched at no additional cost
      Fletch New Arrows $1.00 Price of vanes not included
      Re-fletching Arrows $3.00 Price of vanes not included
      Cutting Arrows & Installing Insert $.50 Price of insert not included