Q- What is FOC?

A- FOC stands for front of center. This number indicates the percentage of the arrows weight that is in the front half of the arrow.  

Q- Why is FOC important?

A- FOC is important for several reasons.

    • Higher FOC increases the consistency of long range arrow flight
    • High FOC arrow is less effected by wind
    • High FOC is typically easier to tune

Q- What is an ideal FOC?

A- Ideal FOC depends on the application and equipment. Typical hunting FOC should be between 11%-15%, typical target FOC could be as low as 8-11%.

Q- How heavy should my arrows be?

A- Most Bow manufacturers recommend 5 grains of arrow per pound of draw weight. This means a 40 pound bow should shoot a 200 grain arrow, a 70 pound bow should shoot a 350 grain arrow, and a 74 pound bow should shoot a 370 grain arrow.

Q- What is spine, and why is it important?