Jan 13-14 Celilo Bowmen 3D Shoot



Depending on the amount of people participating, the tables will be broke down to class and gender. Each person is welcome to include whether they are shooting a bow hunting setup (BHFS) or a target setup (FS). See definitions below scores.



Name Day 1 Score Day 2 Score Total Score Notes
Eugene Branham 395 390 785 M-FS
Zane Howard 370 368 738 M-BHFS
Kristine Uyesugi 290 315 605 F-BHFS
Todd Nunn 291 230 521 M-BHFS
Kody Justice 361 361 M-BHFS
Mikie Mortensen 344 344 M-BHFS
Jason Carlock 329 329 M-BHFS
Ryan Howard 216 216 M-BHFS


Freestyle (coded FS ) is virtually an unlimited class. You can shoot any bow with a movable sight, any length stabilizer, and use a release aid. The sight can have certain magnifications.


Bowhunter Freestyle (coded BHFS ) bows can have up to 5 fixed sight pins (you cannot adjust your sight after you start shooting an official round), a stabilizer up to 12" in length, and you can use a release aid. These are usually compound bows.


Traditional (coded TRAD ) bows are all bows without wheels or pulleys (no compounds). All longbows and recurve fit into this division until the longbow class was formed. Your string finger must stay against the arrow nock and it must stay in one position below or abov e the arrow nock. You may not use a sight or level on your bow. You can use a rest , front stabilizer up to 12 inches and a button. All of the arrows must be identical .